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Whether you are looking for meticulous cleaning for your sofas, carpets, mattresses or curtains, The Shamil Cleaning Services is your trusted partner. Based in Dubai, our professional team is dedicated to providing comprehensive, reliable and exceptional cleaning solutions that will leave your home feeling fresh and revitalized.

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Uplifting Your Cleaning Standards

Our Team at Shamil have a determination to provide you with the best cleaning services that make your environment better and hygienic. Knowing the importance of cleaning we are offering you ultimate cleaning solutions that helps you fight against some common health hazards.

Using the quality products and specialized tactics, we ensure to bring you satisfactory results. We are determined to keep your home, office, commercial zone and any other place clean, hygienic, and safe. Shamil cleaning services always meet the client’s expectations of flawless cleaning jobs.

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Shamil Cleaning Service – Your Cleaning Specialist

At Shamil we specialize in all kinds of cleaning services covering residential to corporate and commercial locations. Our exceptional cleaning services includes:

Sofa Cleaning Services

The heart of every living room, your sofa, needs a special touch and care to keep it clean, vibrant and bacteria-free. Our team provides exceptional Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai, ensuring a thoroughly cleaned and sanitized seating area. We offer the best Sofa Deep Cleaning Services Dubai has to offer, getting rid of the hidden dirt, allergens, and germs.

Our Professional Sofa Cleaning Services are carried out by trained staff using eco-friendly solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, and we have become a renowned name for Upholstery Cleaning Services Dubai residents trust and rely on.

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Mattress Cleaning Services

Sleeping on a clean and germ-free mattress is not a luxury, but a necessity. Our Mattress Cleaning Services in Dubai aim to provide you with just that. We ensure a thorough mattress cleaning in Dubai using advanced technology and safe, non-toxic cleaning products.

From surface cleaning to Mattress Deep Cleaning Dubai, our team guarantees a fresh, clean, and hygienic sleeping environment. Let us provide you with a deep clean that your mattress deserves.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets, over time, become a collection point for dirt, stains, allergens, and bacteria. At The Shamil Cleaning Services, our Professional Carpet Cleaning services are designed to revive and restore your carpets.

Whether it's at your home or office, if you're searching for 'Carpet Cleaning Dubai near me,' we are your ultimate solution. Our Carpet Cleaning Services Dubai are thorough, reliable, and will transform your carpets, making them look and feel fresh.

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Curtain Cleaning Services

Curtains can often be overlooked in regular cleaning, collecting dust and allergens over time. That's where we come in. We offer the best Curtain Cleaning Services in Dubai. Our Professional Curtain Cleaning Service in Dubai is designed to remove dust, grime, and potential allergens effectively, improving the overall air quality in your home.

Whether you need a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, if you're searching for 'Curtain Cleaning Service near me,' we are your ideal choice.

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Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Shamil cleaning services pledge to protect the environment's safety. We do care for the ecosystem and all other living organisms. It’s the reason we use only certified and tested cleaning products for our cleaning jobs. We do not use any harmful chemicals that can impact human or animal health.

Moreover, we cross check that all chemicals we use in a municipality are approved and harm free. These are tested for better results and no toxics. Following the set of rules enables us to provide you with the best services.

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Annual Cleaning Contracts

At Shamil, we offer you the annual or monthly cleaning contracts. You do not have to call us for the cleanup schedule at all. Instead, we reach you out for the cleaning follow-up. It helps you to be stress free about your cleaning and maintenance.

We are offering the contracts for commercial and residential cleaning jobs and reducing your burden. For special clean up you can reach out for an unscheduled service too. Otherwise, our team will take care of all cleaning schedules and maintenance required.


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    How do we provide cleaning services?

    At Shamil Cleaning Services, we provide quality cleaning services through a systematic process:

    • We start by discussing your specific cleaning needs to customize a cleaning plan tailored to your space.
    • Once we have a plan, we schedule the cleaning service at a date and time that is most convenient for you.
    • Our professionally trained and insured cleaning team arrives at your place, bringing all the necessary cleaning supplies.
    • We start cleaning from one end of your space to the other, ensuring every corner is dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed. Special attention is given to kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Once the cleaning is completed, our team performs a thorough check to ensure no area has been missed.
    • Before our team leaves, we take you through the cleaned areas to ensure your satisfaction. We highly value your feedback and use it to continually improve our services.

    Target Pest Control Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Q1. What cleaning services does Shamil Cleaning Services offer?

    Shamil Cleaning Services offers a wide range of cleaning solutions, including but not limited to residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, and specialized deep cleaning. For more specific information about our services, please visit our services page or contact us directly. ۔

    Q2. Are your cleaning staff trained and insured?

    Yes, all our staff members undergo rigorous training to maintain our high cleaning standards. They are also fully insured to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our clients.

    Q3. How can I book a cleaning service?

    You can book a cleaning service by visiting our website and filling out the booking form, or you can call us directly. Our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you in scheduling a cleaning service at a time that's convenient for you. ۔

    Q4. What is your cancellation policy?

    We request that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule a cleaning service. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance may be subject to a cancellation fee. ۔

    Q5.Do I need to provide cleaning supplies or does Shamil Cleaning Services bring their own?

    Our cleaning team comes fully equipped with all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. However, if you have specific products you would prefer we use, please let us know ahead of time and we will accommodate your request. ۔

    Q6. How do you ensure the quality of your services?

    At Shamil Cleaning Services, quality is our top priority. Our staff is thoroughly trained and we perform regular quality checks. After the cleaning service, we encourage our clients to provide feedback so we can continue to improve our services. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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