Shamil General Pest Control Services - Safest Way to Get Rid of Insects
Shamil Pest Control Service – Safest Way to Get Rid of Insects

Shamil Pest Control Service – Safest Way to Get Rid of Insects

Insects are like uninvited guests in the house, they come quietly and then do not even leaving the house. As long as they are in the house, they continue to harm the family, food, plants, or furniture in one way or another.

There are also bugs that can be life threatening and sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. They are the biggest problem in your home and getting rid of them with the use of pesticides is considered to be a traditional method, while the same pesticides can be especially dangerous for children, but also Inhalation or ingestion of these chemicals can also be life threatening.


Home and offices are great breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so clean boiling gutters and standing contaminated water and do not fill buckets with water unnecessarily. Also cover the roofs of houses and offices or underground tanks, swimming pools and even empty bottles. Mow your lawn regularly, while place standard nets around the office or on windows and doors to protect your office from flying insects. There are also some plants that have mosquito repellent properties, so they can also be kept in the office to get rid of mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Also, if you are unable to do all of this due to lack of time, contact The Shamil’s general pest control services Dubai today.


Bees breed on litter and lay their eggs on rotten or fresh raw food, human and animal waste, sewage and soil. So keep your food storage area clean and cover unused food with aluminum foil. Store dry ingredients such as sugar, flour, and spices in sealed plastic bags or tightly closed jars. Throw out trash and don’t let dirty dishes stay in the sink for too long.

To get rid of bees, prepare a solution by mixing a quarter of pot soap in water at home and put it in a spray bottle. This spray is very effective in reducing the number of bees.

If you are worried about diseases caused by the abundance of insects and flies and want to avoid business losses, such as various viral diseases and dirt, and you want to protect your office from them. Use the included paste control service.

We at The Shamil provide the best commercial pest control services in Dubai ensuring that the insects don’t reappear in your office.


As humans, we have learned a lot from ants, but the presence of these tiny creatures in our homes has always been offensive. Their favorite food includes all kinds of things, but ants are especially attracted to sweets, such as fruits, juices, etc. They build their nests in hot and humid places like between walls, under the ground, in cracks in wooden cabinets and in the interior of the house etc. If you ignore their presence, then in a short time their army will multiply many times.

If the problem of ants is not solved in time, not only will their numbers increase in a few days, but they will also become visible in your home and office. For that The Shamil offers complete pest control service in Dubai to solve all these problems. Our pest control services not only exterminate the ants but also closes all the places where the ants have made their homes.


These cockroaches that come out at night can be one to one and a half inches large. They grow in dark, hot and humid places like bathrooms, kitchens and pipes, but in practice they can survive anywhere. Cockroaches attract any type of food in the house, so keep your cooking and food storage area dry and clean. Habits such as keeping your home clean and tidy, such as regularly throwing out the trash, washing dishes after every meal, keeping the dining table clean, and keeping the kitchen drains clean, are free of germs caused by cockroaches. However, hiring an expert pest control company in Dubai can help way better than these home remedies. The Shamil is the leading pest control company in Dubai provides complete pest control solutions to its customers exterminating cockroaches and other insects from your home or office.

The Shamil pest control service not only helps to repel and eliminate cockroaches and insects, but we also take steps to completely rid our customers of these insects so that they do not re-emerge. If you are also bothered by mosquitoes, lizards, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, and rodents, contact The Shamil general pest control services in Dubai today and get a peaceful and insect-free environment.

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