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Termite Control

Invest in Shamil’s pre-or post-Anti-Termite Treatment to Protect your Home and finance from Disaster

Termite can cause massive havoc on your house, causing millions of dollars in damages every year. Depending on the nature of the damage to the termite, these small creatures will make your home structure a danger to live in, placing the safety of both you and your family at risk. 

In order to free your home of these pests, you need to have a team of experts to ensure that your termite issue is properly handled. Termites presently act as one of the most damaging pest problems in Dubai. Shamil's Pest would not leave stones unturned when it came to fighting against these stress-inducing pests called termites. Over the years, our certified pest exterminators have developed a credibility for providing successful pre-and post-construction control and inspection of termites in many residential and commercial properties.


Shamil's technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your premises, searching for specific termite hotspots. These areas might include your basement or crawling area where moisture is normal, your wood debris base, and other high-risk areas (such as wood structures) that may trigger infestation.

Shamil uses reliable, modern equipment and expert training to identify the signs of termites. Once our technicians have finished, you will receive our advice and comprehensive report to safeguard your home from termites.

Method of Anti-termite


Post Construction

How The Shamil Treats Your Post-construction Termite Problem

Shamil provides top-quality termite control solutions by efficiently preparing and treating suitable areas where termite colonies can be nesting. You can be assured that your termite issue will be effectively handled. Our experts create completely tailored treatment plans for your place.

  • Implementation

If our technician detects the termite infestation or the potential for one, they will discuss the best approach to your termite problem.

  • Drilling

Our municipality-approved technicians will identify the problematic area then will check out the electric and water line layout to preventing from drilling. We will drill the floor near the wall or around the building or villa

  • Liquid Treatment

Our technicians will inject the termiticide with the equipment to create the termiticide barrier around the wall or building This treatment choice provides significant safety as well as protection from potential infestations.

  • Sealing of Holes

Shamil's team will close all the holes gaps and repair the tiles according to the situation in a neat and tidy way that no one can notice them.

  • Monitor   

After treatment, your Shamil's specialist can track and help protect your home from any potential signs of termite activity.

How to Prevent the Activity of Termites

  • Keep Firewood off from home
  • Avoid contact with wood and soil in the building of your house. Home structures and other wooden materials found in the home can be a perfect source for the termite colony, make sure it is not rotted and does not make direct contact with the soil.
  • Stop using mulch in your home for landscaping.
  • Ensure that the water drains away from the areas
  • Have the home periodically inspected and handled by a specialist.

Pest Control Help for Termites in Dubai

If you spot termites or think you've got termites roaming around in your house wall or wood furniture, don't bother them. 

Please contact us for a detailed termite control solution including:

  • We will carry out a detailed inspection of the termite 
  • Find out where the termites are emerging from. 
  • Discuss all the treatment choices available to you and customize the termite treatment of your house. 
  • Discuss termite management solutions to make your home a free termite zone. 
  • We have all the inspection equipment at our disposals, such as thermal imaging cameras, and moisture meters. 
  • All of our work is guaranteed.
  • If you have already assessed and analyzed, we also offer free termite quotes at the most competitive rates.

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