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Birds are beautiful and are known to be harmless. Very few will be able to see them as pests or nuisances, but that’s just what they can be. If you have birds that nest in your premises, you need to ensure that you either control the situation and prevent it from repeating in the future or remove the bird and allow it to seek another home. At The Shamil, we are offering pigeon control services in Dubai and have found that clients sometimes overlook how much hassle these pigeons can cause and are forced to pay for maintenance down the line.

Best Bird Control Company in Dubai

Bird infestation Signs

A few birds visiting your premises every once in a while is not a cause for concern. If the birds are beautiful and their songs are melodic, you may even enjoy a visit. Too much of anything can be harmful. Therefore, here are some signs that suggest that you have a significant bird infestation problem and that it needs to be handled right away:

Droppings – Bird drops aren’t only unsightly, but they’re also really corrosive. If you do not clean them immediately, they will destroy your building material and lead to costly repairs. For instance, bird drops on roofing shingles will weaken the seal on the tiles and undoubtedly cause them to crumble. The Shamil bird control company in Dubai not only expels these pigeons but also guarantees that these birds will not be able to re-nest in your place.

Odor – Birds, particularly nesting birds, can create intense odors that can disperse throughout your premises. Their fall, along with the grain they bring for their chicks, will rot away and let out a bad stench.

Insects – Birds can draw birds to insects and insects. It is a vicious cycle that never comes to an end and is one of the most prominent signs of bird infestation. If you see elevated levels of insect activity, you can have bird infestation. Birds are going to attract fleas, bugs, cockroaches, and even rodents.

Population – As described before, one or two birds are not a problem, but if you have a few birds that don’t escape your premises at all, you have an infestation.

How does The Shamil Pest Control Prevents Bird Infestation?

At the Shamil, our goal is not only to eradicate the current infestation but also to avoid potential bird infestations. This can be achieved with a couple of preventive steps. Here’s exactly what we can do for you:

Watch for signs of infestation – Our first step is to ensure that there is an infestation. We’re going to comb through your property to find the bird's nesting site.

Removal – At Shamil, the next step in our pigeon control services is to reduce birds from the premises and transport all nests to another spot. This should be done carefully to make sure that the animals are not injured in the process. Our seasoned pest control specialists know how to manage the move. This clean-up procedure also removes other pests and odors.

Prevention – The final move is to seal all entry points and put in place successful disincentives to ensure that birds do not attempt to build a home on your property again.

Our Methodologies for Bird Treatment Involve;

  • A thorough inspection to determine the nature of the issue, classify the species, and inform you of the level of the situation.
  • We suggest a care plan based on professional knowledge of the organisms by our engineers, technicians, and the appropriate way to treat them.
  • We are carrying out the prescribed procedure. Often, our experts, are extremely interested in all kinds of bird issues.

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