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Bed Bugs Pest Control in Dubai

Say Bye to the Pesky Little Bugs with Bed Bugs Pest Control in Dubai

 The Shamil Pest Control in Dubai has vast and extensive experience in the prevention, extermination, and elimination of bed bugs for all UAE residences.

Having a bed bug at home can be a very distressing situation for your family, and we suggest that you talk to our experts ASAP. We will apply non-chemical method like heat treatment and ecofriendly pesticide to get rid of bed bug issue for giving you peaceful and healthy sleep.

Our pest control solutions for bed bugs problem are 100% healthy not only for humans, but also for your pets, so there's nothing to think and worry about. Let Shamil do their job, and we can guarantee you a bug-free bed in no time.

Having years of experience, we have come across hundreds of cases where bed bugs have caused a lot of problems. We dealt with these problems and instantly pleased our clients.

Signs of Bed Bugs?

You have to assess how serious the infestation is to administer successful bed bug treatments. Tell-tale symptoms can be found when you have a bed bug in your home:

  • Bed Bug faecal stains on your mattress and your bedding
  • Blood spots on bed sheets and sleepwear.
  • Shed Bug skins, exoskeletons, and shells

A stinky, offensive odor can be identified in the room if the bug infestation is serious. This fragrance comes from the perfume of their glands.

High-Risk Activities

Some behaviors raise the risk of getting bed bugs in your house. Some of the higher risk events include the following:

  • Bringing infested furniture or clothes to your premises.
  • Sleeping/sleeping on a bed or sofa infested with bed bugs.
  • To bring visitors over who have their homes infested with bed bugs.

Leave your things such as clothes or luggage on the floor or furniture for a few hours in a plane, house, hotel/motel, movie theatre, shop, office, automobile, taxi, bus, train, hospital, or building infested with bed bugs.

How to Prevent the Infestation of a Bed Bug?

Maintaining a safe and clean house. This will help to effectively remove hiding places for bed bugs. This can allow you to detect an infestation more easily and will also help to ensure quicker and simpler care for full eradication.

Getting a certified Specialist from Shamil’s Pest Control for bed bugs in Dubai conducts preventive bed bug treatment. Our technician will target baseboards, furniture, and all areas where bed bugs can potentially hide with residual products that will remove contact bed bugs. Our installer will also mount long-lasting and out-of-view bug traps that will catch bed bugs coming to and from your beds/sofa and act as a great surveillance system. By having a preventive treatment done by Shamil, bed bug colonies will be decreased and will solve the issues of bed bug at your premises. This treatment will also improve the odds of removing a bed bug population once it is brought home. We give a guarantee 100% results of our work with the help of professional technicians.

Treatment to Eradicate Bed Bugs

Shamil's Pest Control's complete bed bug treatment blends our equipment, products, and expertise to ensure a good solution for removing bed bugs. Because every home or building we treat is different, we approach our treatments differently by not relying on a special formula to remove bed bugs in every home, building, or car. We use a combination of heat, steam, products, and other equipment to successfully resolve the bed bug issue. After a clinical review, we will present our treatment plan and send a copy directly to you explaining our treatment and the planning required to successfully remove the infestation of bed bugs. Our bed bug pest control in Dubai is highly successful and do not rely on undue planning. All preparation of bed bugs will be clarified upon inspection.

Areas to be treated will include:

  • Frame of bed and slats
  • Mattress:
  • Drawings
  • Points of influence
  • Behind the photos
  • Carpet and rims
  • Floorboards:
  • Behind electrical installations
  • Anywhere considered to be appropriate

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