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Get Rid of Ants with our Ants Control Services Dubai

Many residents and corporations find it challenging to remove ants on a daily basis and turn to specialist pest control and removal. Ant control services Dubai is secure, efficient, and provides the best long-term solution to get rid of ants!

At Shamil, we are using the latest and most successful registered products on the market. Our experts are certified and licensed to handle ants with eco-friendly solutions that are secure for you, your family, children, pet, and your area of business.

Signs of Ant infestation

Live Ants- If you see a large number of live ants, you can have a problem. If you spot them in your kitchen or in places where you’re cooking food, then you need to do something about it quickly.

Ant Pathways- Another sign is in and out of your home or premises. Some forms of ant are going to lay down a pheromone trail to a food source. This chemical is attracting other ants to find food.

Ant Nest-The nest site can look like a slight pile of soil or dirt. Some species of the ant prefer to make their refuge in walls or in other quiet, dark areas that are harder to find.

How We Address the Ant Infestation Issue

The Shamil Pest Control Dubai will fix and control ant infestation issues:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection for understanding the species
  • Recommend a care plan based on expert knowledge of the species by our technicians.
  • Conduct the recommended treatment and have full assurance/guarantee.

Ant Treatment

When you think of ants, remember the unsanitary paths they follow until they end up in your house, on your marble countertop, in your cupboards, and close to your food, so you can take precautions to keep them away!

Ants outside do not get eradicated with standard cockroach/spider sprays, and ants typically stay away from areas that have been commonly handled with spider sprays or cockroach sprays. Many firms will warn you that their specific spray will also protect ants, but what they're not telling you is that the ants will just close their nest points of entry and re-open them somewhere else.

Our ants control services Dubai would not only kill the surface ants but the entire nest of the ants and their queen.

Internal - We put low toxic ant bait in places where you can see the trails that the ants bring back with them to the nest that kills the colony and the queen.

If the ant is just an inside part of your home, then the bait alone is enough.

External- We use effective sprays across the exterior of your building or residence.

How does the Treatment Work?

We use three ways to treat the ant infestation problem.

  • Inspection
  • Proofing
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Ant Baiting

Both the ant bait and the external spray work in the same way that the ants do all the work by taking the poison back to the nest with them.

The ants are unable to decide that the bait and spray are a pesticide that they pass through the substance, take it back with them to the nest, and pass the chemical between them, which actually eradicates the entire colony, including the queen. The advantage of this procedure is that no matter where the nest is placed, the ants can take the pesticide back to the nest.

There's no need to go and look for a nest, as the ants do all the extra effort!

Why Rely on Shamil’s Ant Control Service Dubai

  • We're providing the same-day ant control service in Dubai.
  • Our Ant Management Methods are safe and eco-friendly.
  • Trained & Accredited Professionals.
  • Guaranteed-backed and regulated treatment.

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