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Keep Best AC Cleaning Services in Dubai and Make Your Living Joyous:

Are you looking for an experienced AC installer or maintenance services in Dubai? Shamil services are here to offer you efficiency and quality, whether for maintenance or repairs of your air conditioning system. We have been meeting the needs of all our customers, and we have relied on the professionalism of our Team for impeccable customer service to our customers.

We offer the best ac maintenance and cleaning services in Dubai, and our service technicians are eligible and competent to work on all makes and styles of units and systems. Let us take care of your air conditioning system. Our Team of expert technicians is there for you.

Quality is at the Heart of Shamil Services!

Whether for the sale and installation or the repair and maintenance of an air conditioning, or ventilation system, you are in good hands!

Shamil services aim to improve air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and residential and commercial services. The company's technicians are continuously competent in new air technologies, heating, and ventilation. Shamil can be the best choice for AC repair services in Dubai. If you require AC maintenance service in Dubai, contact us.

We provide the best AC Maintenance Service in Dubai. We offer services from split AC to the air conditioner for all areas. Our aim is to provide quality importing, repairing, installing, and maintaining services.

We are an innovative company with quality products, low cost, and effective solutions. So, we help our customers in an effective way.

What We Offer?

Commercial AC Cleaning Services

Working with The Shamil, you can get cleaned and maintained AC in your commercial
areas. We focus on providing 100% satisfactory services in your workspaces. You can
upgrade the efficiency and life of your commercial air conditioning systems with our
professional Commercial AC Cleaning Services. We provide efficient services to meet
the unique needs of businesses. The Shamil professional AC cleaners ensure optimal
air quality, maintain high energy efficiency, and create a comfortable environment for

both workers and business owners. Now, you can experience a high-class and well-
maintained HVAC system with The Shamil expert AC cleaning solutions.

What We Provide in Commercial AC Cleaning?

If you own a wide or small commercial business, your heating, ventilation, and air
conditioning system might consume more energy than any other unit on your property.
Research shows that commercial AC systems consume over 30% of energy as
compared to residential spaces. Thus, The Shamil provides services of commercial AC
cleaning which include:

  •  Commercial AC Cleaning
  • Commercial AC Maintenance
  • Routine AC Inspection
  •  AC System Restoration

We focus on and aim to provide top-quality Commercial AC cleaning services all around
UAE. At The Shamil, you have a team of trained professionals. We use advanced
techniques and high-quality equipment to deliver exceptional results for commercial AC

Residential AC Cleaning Services

We understand bad AC air is the basic issue of in-home pollution. Thus, investing in
Residential AC cleaning services is recommended for every homeowner. Residential AC
cleaning services include the detailed cleaning of your air conditioning system.
Professional Residential AC cleaners focus on cleaning the ducts, vents, filters, coils,
and other components. Over a period of time, mold, dust, and bacteria can live in these
areas, which results in bad or infected air quality. It might affect cooling power and might
bring several potential health issues. But with The Shamil team, you can get your home
AC cleaned.

What We Provide in Residential AC Cleaning?

The Shamil provides the best and most effective air conditioner cleaning solutions. They
use the best techniques to enhance the performance and power of your home air
conditioning system. We use the best techniques to promote clean and healthy indoor
air in your living spaces.

We provide residential AC cleaning, include:

  • Air filter replacement
  • AC coil cleaning
  •  Drain cleaning
  •  Residential AC inspection
  •  AC maintenance and repair

Our Team Helps you in the AC maintenance and Repair of All Types of AC.

These May Be:

  • Central AC
  • Split AC type A and C
  • Wall AC
  • Package unit AC
  • Chiller AC and many others

The presentation and professionalism of our technicians meet the requirements of TheShamil services customers. Whether it is for the installation, repair, or maintenance of an air conditioner, a heating system, or an air exchanger of any kind, we are experts in the field! Our AC maintenance services in Dubai are reliable spots for AC cleaning and maintenance.

Reasons Why Air Conditioning Is Important:

Air conditioning is lovely during the hot summer days, so its maintenance is essential. We have mentioned a few reasons to clean air-conditioning.

Fighting Bacteria, Viruses, and Allergies

Proper AC maintenance services in Dubai prevent illnesses and allergies. Humidity plays a crucial role in saving bacteria and viruses in the room. The ideal humidity is between 45% and 60%. If this percentage is lower due to using an air conditioner, this will affect your resistance. This can become lower, making you more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

Even if you have allergies, the air conditioning must be maintained extra well. So, get our AC cleaning and maintenance services in Dubai at affordable rates because cleaning the air filters is especially important. If you don't do this, a lot of dust will remain on the filter. So this reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioning and promotes the spread of dust particles, which can quickly affect people with allergies. AC repair services in Dubai are the most demanding job.

Preventing a Lousy Smell

An air conditioner is often not used all year round; it is usually turned off in winter. Dust particles and bacteria then enter the air conditioning, and when you turn it on again, dirty air can come out. It is good to clean the air conditioning is switched off for a more extended period. If necessary, have the coolant topped up again. So, to prevent your AC from any dirt and dust particles, we provide AC cleaning services in Dubai for your ease.

An Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Our best AC duct cleaning services in Dubai prevent your AC from harmful environmental effects. Did you know that regular cleaning of your air conditioning is also good for the device itself? A clean and well-maintained air conditioning system is more energy-efficient and less likely to break down. Give a chance to Shamil services as your AC partner.

Tips For AC Maintenance and AC Cleaning Services in Dubai

  • You can also do a lot yourself to maintain and clean your air conditioner.
  • Check the device regularly for anything strange, and clean it a few times a year.
  • You can clean the filters on the inside with a vacuum cleaner.

Please note that this only applies to the outside of the filters and not the interior. Moreover, this can be harmful to your air conditioning or ventilation system. If the filters are filthy, rinse them carefully with lukewarm water, but if you are unable to clean them, then contact Shamil services, one of the exclusive AC cleaning services in Dubai.

No doubt, there are many issues that pollute the environment of the UAE. But the main issue that comes is dust storms. These not only affect the air quality but also affect other things.

Further, when dust gathers on the surface or in the air, it also causes a lowering of the indoor air. It causes serious issues for people who have respiratory problems. In this way, it becomes challenging for them to get back to their healthy routine.

So, if you are interested in cleaning your surrounding air or a healthy place to work, then don't go anywhere else because you have a better option ahead. Use the best quality A/C cleaning and AC maintenance services in Dubai for clean air.

We are the best AC repairing company in the UAE. We not only offer to repair, but we also offer maintenance services. We have a team of expert technicians that are working in the city. Don't hesitate to contact us because our services are unique and low-priced.

When you hire TheShamil, it also helps in the inspection and survey. In this way, we assure our clients that our services are the best.

Ask an Installer

A recognized installer is required for significant maintenance. The installer is needed, for example, to top up the refrigerant. During use, the air conditioner loses a small amount of the agent, and too little refrigerant can affect the operation of the device. In addition, the installer of Shamil services will, of course, check whether the air conditioning is still working correctly. Our top-notch AC services in Dubai ensure you provide high-quality AC cleaning services in Dubai.

As we have low-cost services for our clients. So, you can claim the warranty at the right time.

The Following are the Services that we Offer:

  • AC Maintenance Services
  • AC Repair
  • AC Cleaning Services and much more

Many air conditioners have a self-cleaning function that you can easily switch on as well as their fan cleans the indoor unit, preventing moisture and dust accumulation. Very handy. So, if you are looking for a new air conditioner with a self-cleaning function, take a good look at the specification of the product. Or ask us for free advice. We are happy to help you.

Our AC cleaning services in Dubai are not limited to residential areas. We also provide these services to the commercial areas of Dubai. Don't think our services are of high cost. We assure you of inexpensive repairing services even if there is an emergency.

Our experts are certified and have been in this industry for a long time. They care for your property as they think it is their own. We as a leading professional and certified company that help in ac maintenance and repair. So, we promise the efficient management of your AC. Our Team has expertise in providing quality services to both commercial and residential areas.

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