Quick Guide to Pigeon Control Services in Dubai

Quick Guide to Pigeon Control Services in Dubai

We consider birds as harmless creatures but we do not know what nuisance they can create. So, it is better to remove the birds and allow them to go somewhere else to find a home. We offer pigeon control services in Dubai because we know about the hassle that these pigeons can create.

Bird infestation Signs

Birds visiting a few times a year is not a big problem. However, when the birds come to the place on a frequent basis and you see droppings, it is a sign you have a bird infestation problem.


Bird droppings are not only unappealing but are also acidic. These can harm your building, and lead to costly maintenances. Bird droppings on roofing shingles will deteriorate the tiles and cause tile to crush. TheShamil assures us that we will remove the birds from your area and also prevent them from entering the area again.


Birds especially the nesting birds form smells that disperse throughout the whole area. The fall of birds and the grain carried by them can create an intense stink.


Birds eat insects and the bird infestation also creates an increase in insects in the area. Birds can bring more bugs, roaches, ants, lice, and gnawers also.


A few birds cannot cause problems but if the birds appear on a regular basis, then it is problematic.

How do the Shamil Pigeon Control Services in Dubai prevent Bird Infestations?

We, at Shamil, do our best to control the bird infestation but also prevent it from happening any more.

Looking for Signs of Infestation

We will firstly look for signs of infestation, and we will locate the nesting site of the bird as well.

Removing the Bird

The next step at Shamil involves removing the birds and transferring them to a safe place. This procedure is performed in a cautious manner so that the birds do not get hurt. We also eradicate the pests and odor.

Inhibition – Next, we seal all the entry points and place deterrents on the way so that the birds do not get to enter the area again.

We remove the birds by firstly probing the case, and the species of birds and notifying the client of the current situation. Our engineers and technicians devise a plan to control the pigeon infestation in your area. We perform the procedure, and our experts work hard to solve the issue.

What Pigeon Control Services do we offer

The Shamil specializes in bird control through bird mesh, bird spiking, and efficient methods for bird control. We remove bird droppings and feathers from the commercial and residential areas. Bird netting and spiking services are available for controlling the bird infestation in underground areas, storerooms, storing facilities, etc. Bird population netting is the most popular method to control the bird by using a polyethylene net that prevents the bird from entering.

We use bird spikes to prevent the pigeons and mounting animals. We offer products to prevent bird infestation. These products are not harmful to the general population. Sometimes, when the birds leave their nests, parasites living on these birds enter the house through air conditioners or other openings. However, you do not need to worry as these mites cannot survive without the bird hosts.

Ants Control Services Dubai

Ants are common in all houses and neighborhoods. However, they do not cause any disease. We, at Shamil, provide Ants control services in Dubai. The ants can be controlled by placing the food items in tight containers. We can also close the passage of ants by placing glue and silicon on the ant holes.

Ant species that can inhabit human habitats are referred to as pests. There are many different types of ants like pharaoh ants, red town, carpenter, little fire, etc. However, Pharoah ants are the most difficult to control. These ants are undesired in areas like kitchens and hospitals. The ants like sugary and fatty meats. The ants can create problems in hospitals and the food industry.

It is really difficult to control the ant population due to their adaptive nature. The Shamil offers Ants control services in Dubai for ant control. We control them in the place, yards, and outside the house. This way ants’ infestation can be properly controlled and eliminated.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and get rid of the pest infestations in your house. Our pigeon control services in Dubai are well-known and recommended by all. You can also try our ants control services in Dubai if you are dealing with ants residing in the house or in commercial settings.

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