Pest control company in Dubai Trusted for 5 years

Shamil pest Control Company in Dubai has been in pest & Bird control services for the past 5 years. In Dubai multiple households, commercial areas, industries, are our hotline clients. If you have the problem related to pest, rodent or cockroach or any other, we are here to give you our best services with excellence.

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Making your environment safe

Shamil team work with excellence and believe in safe environment for the clients. We will provide you solution to keep your atmosphere clean and hygienic. If pests, rodents, termites and other insects affect your place, they can cause infections and other hygiene problems at your place. In such situation Shamil Pest, control will ensure the quality pest control services to clean environment and make it safe for you.

We are equipped with latest technology and use safe techniques for the environment protection. As a best pest & bird control company in Dubai we ensure to fulfill our clients expectations.

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We are specialized in:

Shamil pest control in Dubai specializes in all kinds of pest and birds control services. the services we are offering mentioned below:

Residential Pest Control

In Dubai residential areas are at risk to encounter with Pest, insects, rodents and other reptiles. We are providing our best pest and bird control services to maintain a hygienic household atmosphere.

We are offering the residential pest control services for

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Houses

For every residential facility, we have unique techniques and special procedures. The procedure will ensure no pest and insect left and cover every single corner.

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    Commercial Pest Control

    Dubai considers hub of Commercial zones, here you can find buildings, offices, shopping malls and large commercial areas. It is necessary to keep these buildings clean and hygienic. Shamil pest & bird control offers exclusive services as per client’s requirement. Our team will examine the place first and suggest the best solution with expert opinion.

    At Shamil pest control in Dubai we step forward to help the commercial locations to get rid of pests, bugs and termites. We secure their spaces, products and infrastructure from any pest and damage related to the pests.

    We are covering the commercial zones:

    • Shopping malls
    • Corporate offices
    • Warehouse
    • Services offices
    • Showrooms
    • Boutiques
    • Grocery stores

    We are specialized in controlling insects, pests and crawling animals at commercial areas.

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    Target Pest Control What do we offer?

    Are you looking for Pest control near me? Shamil pest control is the right spot to get your desirable services. We are providing one stop solution for the pest and birds control, problem related to the pest and secure your place. Our focus is not only in making your facility pest free but also ensure it will not return. Our experts will examine the location and provide quality solution as per the problem.

    Our goal is to achieve maximum level of customer satisfaction. We are offering the following services:

    Ants and Bed bug’s control

    Ants and bed bugs are the common pests for almost every household, commercial or industrial area. In Dubai, the buildings affected from the problem cause by the insects and pests. They cause environment or hygiene related problems.

    It is important to detect and find the main cause of pests, bed bugs. Shamil Pest control has the experts and latest methodology to do the tasks well. We are covering the cleanup and control of these pests for the future. Our system works on the penetration and control of the bed bugs, as well as stops the infection that can spread due to bed bugs. We have made the bed bugs treatment Dubai advanced with our practices and safer chemicals.

    Cockroach Control

    Shamil provides you the Best Cockroach Control Services for all closed and open spaces. We are offering the service for houses, villas, apartments, shopping malls, offices, corporate locations, commercial zones, industrial areas and warehouses as well. You have an all-time access to Cockroach Control Services in Dubai that is serving you on one call.

    We do not just kill the existing cockroaches but reach out to their infestation points and make sure there will be no recurrence in space. Moreover, our Cockroach pest control Dubai service includes preventive measures to avoid future or possible infestation of cockroaches.

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    Termite Control

    Termites are another mess in Dubai and keep you haunted. These pests can slowly eat up all the fixtures, wooden installation, paper and wood related products. Eventually you can lose a lot just because of these small insects infested in your space.

    We are offering you the termite control services from pre-construction to post-construction. You can acquire these services during building construction as well as post construction to get rid of infestation.

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    Rodent Control

    Mostly the warehouses, restaurants and household customers have to face the issues of rodents and rats’ infestation. These creepy creatures make it difficult to keep up the standards of hygiene. Shamil pest control offers you the best rodent control services in Dubai. We are focusing on the advanced rodent removal and control strategies. It helps you to enjoy a peaceful and clean environment.

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    Bird’s Control

    We offer at Shamil pest control is the Bird Control Services, Dubai. Many of the Villa and commercial building owners have to face issues with birds. The birds can cause a mess on and round the building. Specifically, the restaurants with outdoor seating arrangements have to deal with the birds most of the time.

    We are bringing the Best Bird Control Company in Dubai offering the ultimate Bird Control Dubai. The services are for the residential and commercial areas. We install special spikes at the boundary walls and take other measures to ensure the birds will remain at distance from the place.

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    At Shamil Pest Control, we do take care of your health coverage. Focusing on the current pandemic and other hygiene concerns, we are offering commercial and residential sanitization services. Using the best sanitization products and practices we make your place free of germs, dirt, virus and other potential health hazards.

    Why Shamil Pest Control Company in Dubai?

    Finding Pest control services in Dubai is not difficult but when you are looking for quality, Shamil pest control is the only solution. We are a Municipality Approved Pest Control services provider in Dubai. Following the community safe practices to control pests, insects and birds in your spaces, we work efficiently. The verification of our practices by the municipality makes us the best choice for you. There is no set back in selecting us over the other service providers.

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    Annual Maintenance contract for Pest Control

    In Dubai, Annual Maintenance Contract AMC is required for commercial and even residential buildings. Every citizen is responsible to maintain the hygienic conditions in the spaces. If you do not have an Annual Maintenance contract for Pest Control there are chances of getting penalties by the authorities.

    Shamil pest control Dubai makes sure to bring you under the AMC contract. It secures you from having any penalties and gets the regular support for pest and rodent control in the spaces.

    Get AMC pest control services in Dubai by Shamil pest control on one call.


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      How do we control pests/insects?

      For the ultimate pest control in your space, we have a certain work flow to follow:

      • Our representatives have an inspection visit at your place to check out the infestation
      • Mark the infestation spots during the survey
      • Discuss the treatment procedure, timing and chemicals with you before proceeding
      • Inform you about all the precautions and safety measure before getting start with the treatment
      • Take out the procedure in space and ensure to complete it within time
      • Provide treatment certificate with a record of timing, date and chemical
      • Set follow up visits and future treatment dates on the spot

      Target Pest Control Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

      Q1. Why are pest control services in Dubai necessary for me?

      Pest control services in Dubai are necessary for you to have a clean environment and avoid pest infestation in the space. ۔

      Q2. When should I get pest control services?

      It is ideal to get the pest control services right after 3 months or in between three to five months. The duration normally depends on the pest infestation. ۔

      Q3. Is pest control Dubai harmful?

      No, pest control is not harmful but does have reactions for pets, fishes, birds and other pet animals. We make sure to provide you guidelines and avoid these reactions. ۔

      Q4. Why do I need to hire a pest Control Company in Dubai?

      Only the pest control company in Dubai has the best tools, techniques, professional team and chemicals to eliminate pests from your space. ۔

      Q5. How frequently should I get general pest control treatment?

      Getting general pest control treatment is essential for residential and commercial buildings. It needs to be planned twice a year at least. ۔

      Q6. When should I get commercial pest control services in Dubai?

      You should get the commercial pest control services in Dubai by the interval of minimum three months or based on the infestation extent in your space.

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