How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Pest Control Professionally?

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Pest Control Professionally?

Bedbugs are about ¼ inch, just about the size of a lemon seed. These bugs are smart, tough, and know to reproduce quickly. A female bug can lay up to 500-600 eggs during her lifetime. Bedbugs know where to sneak to avoid detection and can survive for a few months without food. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to get rid of bed bugs pest control.

It’s no surprise that these tiny bloodsucking insects can cause many problems in your house. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, it’s better for one to learn about how to get rid of bed bugs pest control.

 If they hide in your bed, they can make your skin itchy and red, leaving marks all over your body.

Can you get rid of bedbugs without any help?

You can get rid of bedbugs. Try to stay calm because removing bedbugs may take time and effort. You can try different chemical and nonchemical methods, specifically if you are dealing with many bed bugs.

However, some factors may make bedbug removal harder. It may take more time to get rid of them from your home. If your house is messy or you travel frequently, there’s a 100% chance you’ll bring bedbugs into your home. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to get rid of bed bugs pest control before you try any method.

You may have to dial in a professional exterminator like The Shamil if you fail to get rid of them. They are known to provide the best bed bug pest control in Dubai. You can follow up these steps to get rid of those evil creatures:

Step 1: Identify all infected areas:

If you have bedbugs, the key is to locate them early before they start reproducing. Getting rid of a small infestation is much easier and cheaper than treating a large infested area. However, minor infestations can be harder to locate.

Search for bedbugs or hire a professional like Shamil to inspect them. They are known to provide the best bed bug pest control in Dubai. Some bug inspectors use specially trained dogs to hunt down bedbugs through their sent.

Bedbugs are tiny, and it enables them to hide within little spots, like holes within mattresses, couches, and curtains folds.

You can also look for the following:

  • Near mattress tags and box springs, bed frames, and headboard
  • In couches and cushions
  • Look for them in fixtures joints
  • Inside electrical sockets
  • Behind cracked wallpaper
  • Behind frames and paintings

Simply use a flashlight and magnifying glass and look carefully in these areas.

There are many ways you can use to spot bedbugs.

  • You can spot them by their droppings- dark spots about the size of a small dot.
  • Alive bedbugs are about  1/4-inch long and are red in color
  • In the case of bedbugs, you may find minor red  stains on your mattress from crushed bugs
  • You can also spot them through young bedbug sheds- small yellow eggs and yellow skin

If you find a bedbug, put it in a sealed container and add a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Every bug may look the same; therefore, If you need help determining the type of bug you’ve found, take it to an exterminator or entomologist.

Step 2: how can you limit their growth

Once you realize you have bedbugs, you need to limit their reproduction to eliminate them. A quick way to trap the bedbugs is to vacuum their hiding place frequently.

Places you could vacuum:

  • Beddings
  • Dresser and cupboard
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Electronics, like TVs

Once you have vacuumed the possible places, place the dirt in a bag and throw it away. Don’t forget to clean the vacuum afterward.

Gather all your infested clothes and wrap them up in a plastic bag until you can wash them. Use the highest possible temperature while cleaning them. If they cannot be washed, then use the dryer at the highest possible temperature.

Moreover, If some things cannot be washed or dried, pack them up in a plastic bag. Let it stay there for a few months until you know all the bugs are killed. If case the furniture pieces cannot be cleaned, throw them away. Break them into pieces and label them as “bedbugs” so no one else tries to use them.

Step 3: Prep for bedbug treatment

Before you start the bed bug treatment, make sure all the infested things and areas, like carpets, drawers, cupboards, and clothes, have been thoroughly cleaned. This will increase the chances of successful treatment.

  1. Once you have cleaned the things next step is to get rid of their hiding places.
  2. Pick up toys, books, shoes, clothes, and anything else that’s lying on the floor or under the bed.
  3. Do not move items to a clean room; it could spread bugs in the clean room. Lastly, close all the cracks and holes.
  4. Glue up the wallpapers
  5. and caulk the cracks and gaps.
  6. Wrap up sockets when not used.
  7. Set your bed at least 7 inches away from the wall so that bugs cannot climb

Nonchemical and chemical treatments

If you plan to go for chemical treatments, there are many options. Insecticides are the most common option. They help you get rid of those evil creatures. However, look for insecticides registered with Dubai Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and marked explicitly for use on bedbugs.

Step 4: Evaluate and prevent future bedbugs

It takes time to kill them. Before you are 100% sure your treatment works, make sure you have checked the infested areas thoroughly. Check these places after 8-9 days to ensure the bugs have not returned. 

To spot the bedbugs easily, put bedbug interceptor cups under the bed legs. These cups will trap them when they try to climb up into your bed. But you will have to keep checking the interceptors for almost a year to ensure they don’t return.

Final Verdict:

Bedbugs are like monsters. Just when you think you’ve killed them out, they somehow reappear. Therefore,you might have to call in a professional exterminator.

Like The Shamil– they are known to provide the best bed bug pest control in Dubai. You can also visit their website to get better insights on how to get rid of bed bugs pest control.

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