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How to Control Birds to Prevent Damage on Your Property?

How to Control Birds to Prevent Damage on Your Property?

Do you get super upset when birds start damaging your property? Either by taking over your house or by unannounced droppings at your property’s doorstep, or their nesting has blocked one of your drainage pipes, causing water issues?

From spreading different diseases to damaging crops, there are numerous reasons you may want to know how to control birds or get rid of them altogether. Suppose you are one of those who gets super cranky by these problems. You need to learn how to control birds. 

Visit THE Shamil because they are one of the best bird control company in Dubai. And in this blog, they will explain various types of damage the birds could do and how to control birds to prevent this damage.

Here they have presented various types of damage that birds usually cause and how you can avoid them:

What Sort of Damage can birds do?

  • These birds can cause you money in terms of maintaining and cleaning those unsightly droppings everywhere.
  • Birds’ droppings can also cause health risks like Psittacosis, a condition caused by inhaling dust or water droplets mixed with bird droppings.
  • Since birds are known for their singing, they may also create noise pollution.
  • Birds’ droppings can also damage your customer’s product, negatively affecting your brand and resulting in loss of customers.
  • Birds’ droppings are acidic and can erode paints, and metal surfaces
  • drainage pipes are an excellent nesting Habitat for birds which can result in Water damage due to choked drains
  • While birds bring beauty to your garden and landscape, they very easily ruin it too. Birds attract different pests, eat your plant or spread their dropping all over your garden 
  • The birds may also pull out the seeds after they have been sowed, Ruining the crops altogether.

Ways you could avoid bird damage – How to Control Birds?

If you have birds nesting near or at your house, you may face damage from birds in numerous ways, mostly in unpleasant piles of droppings. These droppings aren’t just messy. They are also acidic, which can easily erode your beautifully painted walls and metal making the house weary, hollow and leaky. In addition, if birds choose to nest in your home, you can easily end up with clogged drains and feathers within the systems. Luckily, The Shamil- is the best bird control company in Dubai. Has gathered information about some products that can help discourage birds from using your home for nesting purposes.

Using Visual hindrance to stop Bird Nesting

They always say repetition is always better than cure. In the same way, using visual deterrents can help solve the problem before it even occurs. Visual barriers work best when used before the birds start nesting. Like shiny objects, these visual deterrents work best when you remove food sources from the potential nesting areas. 

For example, decoy owls, balloons, and lasers can be a visual hindrance because they act as moving threats that discourage birds from choosing their house to nest in.

Sensory hindrance to avoid bird nesting.

Sensory bird control, like Optical gel, is a combination that discourages birds in numerous ways. They prevent the birds from nesting by affecting their sight and smell.  

Optical gel dishes are very simple to use, just open them and place them on potential surfaces. They act like threatening visuals like smoke or fire and irritate birds, so they don’t land near them.

Preventative Methods to Keep Birds Out of Your House

Birds normally nest near solar panels, in vents/ ducks, or roof damages. Unfortunately, this may cause them to enter your home. Products like solar panel protection systems can be used to protect these places.

But what if you cannot prevent the birds from nesting at your place? In that case, one should learn how to control birds. Some of the methods of bird control are stated below. 

Different Methods to Control Birds

Spike wire

A spike wire is a pointy wire that prevents birds from landing where it is placed. It can be placed at the edge of your roof, racks, or any place that is a potential landing place for the birds.


Bird Netting is a barrier that discourages birds from nesting at a specific place. Netting is usually used to stop birds from ruining fruit from trees and garden plants.

Bird Shock ledges

Bird shock ledges are low-energy electric fences mostly used in farms. The bird shock system is a successful and safe method to control the birds. It is a low-energy shock that does not cause any pain to the birds; however, it alerts the birds to avoid that certain place.

Bird Removal at home vs. Professional Services providers

Bird removal service is not as easy as it sounds. You will need proper expertise and equipment. Please do not attempt this all by yourself at home. Moreover, Dubai has proper rules and regulations, meaning that birds must be controlled or removed using specific methods. Therefore, professional pest control company like The Shamil. It is one of the most reliable and best bird control company in Dubai and should be hired.

Hiring a professional pest-controlling firm has many perks, some of them are as follows:


Professional services providers like the Shamil ensure that the bird problem is fixed permanently. Therefore, along with bird removal, they also provide services like eggs and nest removals, preventing adult birds from raising their young ones there. They also teach you different methods on how to control birds.

More gentle:

With professionals, you can access experience and follow the humane process. Hence, the team follows a cruel, free approach to solving your problems.

Since the government authorizes these services, they know all the laws and regulations. These services ensure you don’t break any laws and protect many birds in Dubai.

Final Verdict:

Birds are small and harmless until they leave their drooping everywhere; if you want to learn how to control birds, feel free to visit the Shamil website. 

Suppose the birds are nesting at your place and damaging your infrastructure. Call professionals to assist you with the best bird control companies in Dubai and provide excellent services!

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