How to Clean Ac Ducts DIY and the Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai
How to Clean Ac Ducts DIY and the Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai

How to Clean Ac Ducts DIY and the Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai

So, have you cleaned your AC ducts? Or have they skipped your mind? You might consider doing the duct cleaning yourself since your AC needs regular cleaning. But how will you do it yourself when you do not know the usual procedure? Here we will discuss the methods of AC duct cleaning, and techniques to do it yourself. You will understand how to clean AC ducts DIY. 

AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai

Air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of the air duct system. If you have a central heating or cooling system, AC ducts are spread throughout your home. It involves cleaning the supply and returning air ducts, coils, dripping pans, fans, and air handling units. Duct cleaning removes the vermin and mold from the passages connected to air passageways.

Why Do We Need Air Duct Cleaning?

We need proper air duct cleaning in Dubai to remove the filth that is residing inside. The US Environmental Protection Agency suggests you do not need regular cleaning of air ducts to remove the dust in the air ducts. The service is also costly, but you can consider air duct cleaning in some instances.

If you see mold growing in the air duct, you must consider removing it in order to keep your AC working properly.  If you see insects in your air duct, it calls for cleaning your air duct. The presence of insects can lead to the spreading of germs in your area. 

Preventive Methods for Air duct Cleaning

Although there is no clear idea of how to clean your air ducts, it is always easy to clean your air ducts while following the appropriate techniques to clean air ducts. So, we take a look at the steps you need to clean your air ducts regularly.

Cleaning of Air Ducts on a Regular Basis

You can choose high-efficiency air filters and clean them regularly. You must make sure that all the air filters are in place, and cleaned on a regular basis. So, if the dust gets trapped in these air ducts, it is necessary to clean them. Many times, people keep pets in their homes which has the propensity to clog the air filters. If you keep pets in your home, then it is necessary to clean the filter after two months.

Clean Drain Pans and Cooling Coils

You can get your HVAC unit cleaned by a professional to clean the drain pans and cooling coils. The water condensed in the drain pans can contribute to mold growth. So, it is necessary to clean the drain pans regularly.

Sealing the Supply Ducts

Many times we need to seal the supply ducts, if it does not happen then dust can enter the supply ducts and clog the drain.

Vacuum on a Regular Basis

You need to vacuum on a regular basis if you want to remove the air ducts and wish to clean them on regular basis.

There are also many health concerns related to air duct cleaning. The bacteria and molds can spread inside the house and cause contamination. Dust particles do not cause any serious threat when lying inside the air duct. If there is someone in the home suffering from allergies, then you must consider the services of a duct cleaning specialist.

Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

Duct cleaning does not offer any greater benefits. Cleaning an air duct poses a problem if it is not done properly. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the air duct by hiring the services of a trained technician. If duct cleaning is not done properly, the contaminants can spread inside the air and cause contamination.

Things to Expect from a Duct Cleaning Service

You can hire the services of a trained technician to help you in opening the ducts and cleaning them. The technician must open pores, and then examine the cleaning system. They must see if the asbestos is present. Asbestos is a fabric that forms a fabric that connects the ducts. You can remove the asbestos with the help of a technician who can properly remove it. You must not remove it yourself.

What is the Cost to get Air Duct Cleaned?

Duct cleaning can be costly, and relies on a variety of factors. These include HVAC unit size, contamination level, accessibility of unit, and climatic conditions.

If you do not have the necessary tools, then do not do duct cleaning. You must not do AC duct cleaning DIY. It is better to leave the job to professionals. Rather, hire professionals who can help you in your journey. 

The normally used tools for AC cleaning Services include gloves and masks for skin protection. We use the power drill to open the screws. You also need a paper towel, brush, and cloth for surface cleaning. You will need a furnace filter to substitute the old one. 

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