Essential Places to Target for Proper and Effective Office Disinfection
Key Areas to Focus on During Effective Office Disinfection

Key Areas to Focus on During Effective Office Disinfection

Are you an office owner and want to make your employees productive? Well! Cleaning is not only enough; disinfection is also crucial for a clean office. However, the world is passing from the pandemic. So it is most necessary to disinfect the office using the right products.

The office is the favorite place for dust, dirt, and germs. It is because many offices don’t focus on cleanliness. Obviously, a dirty office is unproductive and prevents clients from entering.

In our today’s blog, we will expose some targeted key areas which need cleanliness. Most of these areas are hard to reach, so they remain untouched. But the experts of The Shamil can clean all hard-to-reach areas. So you will get a safe, clean and healthy office.

Important Areas to Target While Starting Office Disinfection

A clean and hygienic office is always productive. Not only this, but a clean office is also safe and free of all germs. So more employees, visitors, and clients want to come back again.

Now many infectious diseases are spreading everywhere. So disinfection is the most important step for a clean place. With the right disinfection process, you can kill all germs. As a result, there are fewer chances of illness and diseases.

When you start office disinfection, consider the given below in all areas, as these areas are more prone to germs and bacteria. So disinfection of these areas is also necessary.

I.                    Reception and Common Areas:

The first point of contact is reception or common areas. So regular cleaning and office disinfection of these areas is crucial. The reason is that these are the major transmission areas of germs. In these areas, focus on the following:

Front Desk and Reception Area:

Clean countertops, pens, keyboards, and other critical areas. Also, clean handles, switches, and seating areas.

Lobby and Waiting Areas:

Make sure to clean chairs, tables, magazines, and other items. Schedule thorough cleaning and disinfection of these areas.

Elevators and Staircases:

Make sure to disinfect all elevator buttons, handles, and handrails. To minimize contact, it is better to use a staircase instead of elevators.

II.                 Workstations and Office Equipment:

After reception areas, make sure to clean all equipment and workstations. This way, you can overcome the spread of germs.

Desks and Surfaces:

Wipe all surfaces, desks, dice, mice, telephones, and keyboards. Allow employees to keep their place clean. You can also ask The Shamil to clean all areas.

Shared Office Equipment:

Make sure to disinfect printers, copiers, machines, and scanners. Allow employees to use spray or wipes to clean this equipment before and after use.

Chairs and Seating:

Make sure to clean all chairs, backrests, and armrests.

Personal Belongings:

Ask employees to clean all personal belongings. These include bags, boxes, water bottles, and more.

III.              Breakrooms and Restrooms:

These are the most traffic and critical areas. So maintaining and cleaning these areas is very crucial. Make sure to clean the following areas:


Make sure to clean all tables, chairs, appliances, and countertops. Also, disinfect and sanitize all buttons, machines, and handles.


Clean and disinfect sinks, seats, handles, dryers, and faucets. Also, allow the proper supply of soap and sanitizer.

IV.               Meeting Rooms and Conference Areas:

Commonly, meeting and conference areas are used for discussion. So cleaning of such areas is necessary.

Tables and Chairs:

Make sure to clean all tables, chairs, whiteboards, and projectors.

Audio-Visual Equipment:

Disinfect all remote controls, audio equipment, and microphones. For more help, ask the experts of The Shamil.

V.                 High-Touch Surfaces:

Many surfaces are highly touched all day. So cleaning such surfaces is necessary.

Door Handles and Knobs:

Disinfect all handles, entrance doors, knobs, and other doors.

Light Switches:

Disinfect and clean all switches in the office.


Clean all handrails, staircases, and other surfaces.

Shared Equipment:

Make sure to disinfect all photocopiers, water coolers, and machines.


As we have clearly explained, all the areas which need cleaning. Now it is up to the office owner to clean all these surfaces. But it is beneficial to get help from the experts of The Shamil. This company is equipped with many equipment, products and trained staff.

Moreover, the company focuses on a clean office environment. For this, the experts use disinfection products. As a result, all the germs are killed, which gives you a safe work environment.

Suppose you want to clean your office on your own. Then, make sure to plan the cleaning process and bring all supplies. Then motivate your employees to help you with office cleaning. But this cleaning will be simple because you don’t know which surfaces need more cleaning. It is why you must get help from office disinfection services!

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