What to Consider While Choosing Effective Ants Removal Services
<strong>Choose Safe and Effective Ants Removal Services for Home Safety</strong>

Choose Safe and Effective Ants Removal Services for Home Safety

Ants are small creatures but common pests in each home. Till now, there are almost 1,000 ants species have been discovered in Dubai. That is why this problem is present in each home.

No matter whether you have small black ants or large carpenter ants. However, these will always be a problem for you and your households. So, explore our article to learn tips to get safe and effective ants control services in dubai.

Conventional Methods and Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In The House

Are you looking for the best methods to control ant infestation? Here are some conventional methods that show how safe and effective ants removal services are beneficial:

1. Ant baits

These are small and covered pods that you may place in the most liked areas of ants. Commonly The Shamil prefer this method.

In the pods, poison is present, which ants think of as food and carry to the colony. After reaching the colony, all ants eat poison and die.

This method is effective and less costly.

Make sure to keep baits away from the reach of kids and pets.

2. Ant traps

This method is somehow similar to ant baits. The only difference is that it may easily trap ants, and they can’t go out. In these traps, poison is present, which helps to kill ants. This method is effective and less costly. Make sure to regularly check the traps and remove dead ants.

3. Ant spray

This spray is the most useful method that you may use for outside and inside ants. Through this, you may easily kill ants. The experts of The Shamil use this method.

This method is effective and faster than others. It has some toxins, so keep it away from kids and pets.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Ants?

The following are some steps that safe and effective ants removal services take:

1. Inspection

First, the experts of ants control services Dubai reach your home for inspection.

So, they get an idea of what kind of ants are present in your home. Moreover, they also get information about the source of ants and what method will suit best for ant control.

2. Monitoring

Don’t think that you have seen a single ant which means no colony. A single ant never comes to your home; it always leaves a colony behind. However, the experts of The Shamil monitor all the activities of ants and their source or origin.

They assure you to kill all the ants by tracking the main colony. Not only this, but the experts also check the entry points and find colonies.

3. Control

After locating colonies and other sources of ants, the expert of safe and effective ants removal services places baits in places where ants often visit. They keep poison in the baits to kill ants.

Most of the time, professionals use ant sprays to kill the entire colony of ants. Moreover, their main focus is to kill the queen ant and the brood.

How Do I Keep Ants Out Of My House?

Prevention is better than cure. So, make sure to follow some preventive measures to keep ants away from your home.

The following measures of Ants Control Services Dubai will help you:

  • Make sure to clean all the spills and messes in the kitchen.
  • Always check sinks and other appliances for any leaks to avoid moisture.
  • However, make sure to keep ripe fruits in the fridge and other food in airtight jars.
  • Never allow ants to enter your storeroom. Keep all the jars inside plastic bags.
  • Make sure to keep the tub and sink dry after use.
  • Always clean pet bowls to remove any spills.
  • Make sure to check indoor and outdoor plants to eliminate insects.
  • Never keep organic matter, such as shrubs and mulch, near your home foundation.

Do I have an Ant or Termite Infestation?

Though ants and termites are both damaging your home and health. Moreover, never think of them as a single creature. The following are some major differences between the creatures:


  • Have prodded antennae
  • Strained diaphragm
  • Black, brown, and red in color
  • Front wings are large compared to hind wings


  • Have straight antennae
  • Front wings have the same length as hind wings but are transparent
  • White and light brown in color
  • No strained diaphragm


Infestation of ants is very frustrating and a major issue in anyone’s home. That is why many people avoid eliminating this issue. However, call the professionals of The Shamil for help. The experts of ants control services Dubai have skills and methods to get rid of ant infestation!

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