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Shamil Services is a promising facility management company that offers you a wide range of services like Bird control, maintenance, AC Service, carpentry, handymen, cleaning, pest control and disinfection. The company was initiated in 2013 with a motive to make your facility better. We launched our set of services all over UAE to meet the demand of well-maintained, secured, and green facilities.

To serve a huge customer base with integrated facilities management standards, with municipality approved professional team. Our services include everything fromBird control, maintenance, AC Service, carpentry, handymen, cleaning, pest control, disinfection and much more. You name the services, and we have the solution. Our team works day and night to keep your assets and facilities well maintained up to integrated standard.

We provide a full range of Integrated pest management and disinfection facilities, that includes the cockroaches, ants, flies, bed bug, Birds, Stray cat, pre and post anti termite, fumigation, Sterilization or disinfectant services for bacteria and viruses, maintenance programs for a broad range of industries, inspections, bird expulsion, odor control, seminars, and consultancy.

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Our Approach

Quality Assurance

our employees are very professional, committed and passionate to delivering exceptional service to every client.

Cost Effective & Timesaving

We continually focus on value cost, mitigation, and optimization in the supply chain to offer competitive pricing while respecting the deadline.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We believe in doing the jobs properly. If you are not satisfied with the services offered, you will get free service for 100% control

Why Choose
The Shamil

  • Get your home back! Pest free housing in a flash with The Shamil Pest Control best and effective strategies. Fast, effective and long-lasting results
  • We offer full inspections when it comes to Pest Control. Providing accurate and reliable services in a professional manner.
  • We will identify the type of pest and the source, will identify the breeding site and cleaning and maintenance issue.
  • Properly insured and approved engineer to handle pesticides safely and protect your property, pets, Children, and family from potentially dangerous pests.
  • We can assist you in both project implementation and post functional reviews to ensure you get exactly what you asked for.

Our Dedicated Team

We're working as team together to deliver outstanding results. Our Approach to Our "Service When You Need It" scheme is a specific and proactive approach to Disinfection and pest control and is of real worth in the market. This service model incorporates quality, value, and convenience with eco-friendly techniques.

Our "Service When You Need It" scheme is a specific and proactive approach to pest control and is of real worth in the market. This service model incorporates quality, value, and convenience with eco-friendly pest control techniques.

Our Clients

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Hire a Licensed and Qualified Pest Control Company in Dubai

Pests are always the most annoying creature regardless of small size. These include rats, ants, cockroaches, termites, and bugs. Besides annoyance, pests cause damage to property. They may also harm the health of residents.

Our Pest control company in Dubai helps those who are frustrated by pests. Our professionals ensure the protection of homeowners. We also provide the removal of pests from your home. Whether you want our services in the home or office. We are always available for your help. It is why we win our customer’s trust.

The Shamil will help you because pest control requires professionalism. So hand over the security of your home and family’s health to us!

Our Services

Our pest control services are not limited to residential buildings. We also offer these services for commercial buildings.

1. Residential Pest Control

Many luxurious villas and apartments are attracting people to live in Dubai. That is why many emigrants also move to Dubai for a standard life. More residents in Dubai means more chances of pest attacks. Here the Shamil helps you to control this tiny creature.

2. Commercial Pest Control

Our Pest control company in Dubai is experienced. We offer many specialized and approved treatments to control the pest. Our services are not only for offices and warehouses. We also provide services to other commercial buildings. It is why we satisfy our customers with our excellent work.

Our Typical Pest Lineup Services at Your Doorsteps!

Professionals of The Shamil care for your health, security, and comfort. From completely removing pests to avoiding the next entry of pests. We handle all our tasks with professionalism.

Our experts handle all the pest issues you may suffer from. So hire the Best pest Control Company in Dubai at affordable prices:

Cockroaches and ants control:

Cockroaches and ants are the major cause of allergic reactions. Our professionals control these pests by different methods. These include heat treatment, baits, and fumigation. All our latest practices eliminate cockroaches to avoid future issues.

Bed bugs control:

Commonly body heat and carbon dioxide attract bugs. This small creature comes out in the night. It is why many people can’t notice them. But our experts may easily notice them. To completely remove bugs from your home, hire The Shamil. Our company uses different environment-friendly chemicals and methods.

Mice and Rat control:

These are ground pests wandering here and there for food, water, and shelter, as these cause damage to your property and are harmful to your health. Our Professional pest control company ensures their removal.

Termites control:

Commonly termites love to live in wet, dark, and warm places. This small creature is the major devastator of structural integrity. So our affordable pest control company in UAE uses reliable termiticide.

Why Choose TheShamil Pest Control Company In Dubai?

Many people are still confused about why to choose The Shamil. Our services are outstanding, reliable, and effective. Our company is on top of controlling pests in Dubai. Not only are the quality of our services, but our rates are also low.

Complete removal of pests from the home to avoid future entry of pests. We handle all our tasks with professionalism.

Here are some other reasons for choosing us:

  • Our professionals are skilled in solving all pest issues.
  • The Shamil is associated with the National Association of Pest Control.
  • Our services are of super quality with affordable plans.
  • We use different EPA-approved chemicals and methods.
  • Our experts offer a free inspection for many pests.
  • We provide detailed services with no errors.
  • We provide same-day meetings and estimates.

Our Pest control company in Dubai is certified and insured. We are a well-known and affordable company. You may contact us anytime to get commercial and residential services. We will do our best to win your trust and satisfaction!

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